Misfit Wearables B00YZ Bolt Wireless Bluetooth LED Smart Light Bulb

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Product Overview

  • Bolt's glass dome enables a 260-degree light dispersion with zero hotspots and has a sleek aluminum body that makes a bold statement in any room.

  • Get up-and-running in under a minute; Misfit Bolt works directly with your mobile device. No hubs required.

  • No Phone? No problem! Use Misfit Flash to control brightness and turn your bulbs on and off.

  • Set an alarm and wake up gently with a beautiful warm sunrise simulation.

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Bolt is a wirelessly-connected light bulb that lets you personalize your home lighting to create beautiful lights capes. With a stunning sunrise simulation, Bolt also makes getting out of bed a brighter experience. Transform your environment with millions of colors and combinations available through the Misfit Home mobile app. Bolt works directly with your phone, no complicated hubs or setup needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review